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Things you did  not know about Bainskloof.
  • It took 3 1/2 years to complete.
  • Andrew Bain had no formal training as a road builder
  • Taking into  consideration the dangers workers face while building the pass only 3 people died because of accidents.
  • Convicts volunteered to work on the pass because they got a reduction of their sentence.
  • Because of this Tol road a traders journey per ox-wagon was shortened with 28 days
  • The Tol keepers murder is still unsolved until today
  • The famous bandit Scotty Smith also worked on the pass.
  • There was a bogus gold mine in the area and investors lost plenty of money due to this scam.
  • It was the national road to the north until 1945.
  • it was declared a national monument in 1980.
  • the pass will celebrate its 164 th birthday this year.
  • UCSA Bainskloof  had it first camp in 1908.
  • Our first student camp took place in 1939.

Andrew Geddes Bain (baptised 11 June 1797 – 20 October 1864), is well know as  a South African geologist, palaeontologist and explorer and the builder /road engineer of five passes in South Africa  of which Bainskloof pass is one of them. His son Thomas Bain much better known for his skills as a  road engineer  than his Father . 

Location: Please  visit our Download page and download a soft copy of the directions how to get here..
  • The campsite is 14 km from Wellington on the Bainskloof Pass (R301).



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